Griff's Ace Grooming Interior

Here's to Griff.
A real man’s man. A man of the world. A man from an era we can all tip our hat to.
Griff made it his mission to explore all the corners of the globe to discover, absorb and celebrate the finer ingredients in life.
He mapped the Pacific by using compasses and coordinates. Not GPS or Google Maps.
He believed that your handshake doubled as a contract negotiation.
He questioned everything. Even as a professor.
He came from an era when “edge” described the sharpness of your razor. Not your swagger.
When dignity was a deed, not a word.
And respect was earned. Not bought.

Meet Griff’s: An old-fashioned men’s barber shop to meet new fashioned needs, providing a truly authentic and innovative experience. 
A nurturing and almost nostalgic lost art, revived and tailored for today’s man’s needs – attended to, energized and refined.

Barber shops & shave bars and water-based haircare and shave products made from the finest ingredients in the universe.
Griff’s is steeped in history, virtue and dignity.